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Did you ever have an interesting discussion with somebody you just met? It could be anywhere, and even if it lasted only a short time was not that a good meeting? And what was the most pleasing about it ? The fact of not knowing that person? Or the surprise to meet someone interesting? It might be both!

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you must know that Hot Kup is for you. And guess what? Even if you answered no, it’s high time to start something crazy and new. So Don’t waist any second more, download Hot Kup, and discover all the surprises this app has for you!


Hot Kup let you Connect, Chat and Share with People close to you.

A World of Possibilities

Discover our concept in this short video.

Hot Kup Offers A Wide Range Of Features

Share your thought on message flow

The message flow allows you to share your thoughts with everyone, improvise conversations, or just to make a first contact with the community.

Enter your topics

A topic is a subject you like to discuss about. By choosing topics, other people will see it and come to you easily.


Talk to those near by

You will only know one thing about people on your map. They are near. They don’t know who and where are you, and so do you ! Exciting right ?

New places, new people

People you will meet will always be different depending of your location. Thus for each place visited, new discussions will be possible with new people always more interesting.

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Why Us ?

A mask for you, a mask for others.

  • One of the main feature of Hot Kup is that it uses pseudonyms. It allows you to discuss freely with all the advantages offered by anonymity.
  • In a world where no one knows nobody, everyone will talk to everybody.

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